Top 5 Romantic Places in Darjeeling

Hills with snow and trees

Published Date: January 30, 2023

Darjeeling is one of the popular tourist destinations in India for honeymooners. Located in the northern region of West Bengal, India, many cities surround this tourist spot. It has:
– Sikkim and China’s Tibet region on its north,
– Nepal on its west,
– Bhutan on its east,
– Bangladesh and West Bengal cities on its south.

As Darjeeling houses in the eastern Himalayan region, it has a rich biodiversity with dense forests, evergreen flora, botanical gardens, zoological parks, and several migrating fauna species. In this blog, we’ve curated the top five romantic places in Darjeeling for newly married or honeymooners.

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Top Five Romantic Places in Darjeeling For Honeymoon Couples
Generally, tourists flock to Darjeeling in two peak seasons viz. April to May and September to November. Some of the best places to visit in Darjeeling for honeymoon include:
1. Mirik
2. Shrubbery Nightingale Park
3. Tiger Hill
4. Batasia Loop
5. Rock Garden

Though it is a small town, it has the best honeymoon spots in Darjeeling. It has a beautiful lake called “Sumendu” surrounded by exquisite pine trees on one side and Savitri Pushpaudyan Garden on the other side. It also has Simana’s viewpoint that most tourists visit.

You can enjoy your stay in a variety of cottages and resorts. We’re sure Mirik will never fail to make it a romantic memory for the honeymoon couples.

Best time to visit: Cold winter (Nov), Mild summer (Mar & Apr)

Shrubbery Nightingale Park
Indeed, a lush and fabulous park! It tops the list of best romantic places in Darjeeling. It is a perfect destination for couples to spend time with each other and admire the Himalayan and Kanchenjunga beauty. When you visit here in winter, the park showcases beautiful snow peaks.

Best time to visit: Nov & Dec

Tiger Hill
Amongst the Darjeeling honeymoon places, Tiger hills occupy a special place. Because when you hold the hands of your partner and stand at Tiger hills viewpoint, you’ll literally be at the height of ~2500 meters above sea level. Imagine the sunrise and sunset picturesque that you can see from that altitude. Truly a blissful experience!

Also, this is the best spot to adore the stunning view of Mt. Everest.

Best time to visit: Feb to Apr and Nov & Jan

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Batasia Loop
The toy train ride in Darjeeling is one of the best tourist attractions of Darjeeling. When the train takes you from one hill to another, you can closely experience the scenic elegance of mountains and evergreen forests. If you’re a nature lover, then this must be on your Darjeeling tour itinerary. In this ride, you can relish the fun on spiral tracks and the loveliness of flowers amid cloudy landscapes.

Rock Garden
A man-made (artificial) recreational garden in Darjeeling that has many scenic spots. Some of the major ones include:
– Terrace garden
– Ganga Maya waterfall
– Layered rocky landscapes
– Boating for couples

Most newly married couples add this spot to their Darjeeling itinerary as it is a perfect destination for romantic strolls and relaxation.

Best time to visit: All seasons

Frequently Asked Questions About Darjeeling Honeymoon Trip

1) What’s special about Darjeeling?
Darjeeling is a unique and romantic place for couples planning their honeymoon in winter. Not only do you get mesmerized by the abundant nature but leave with lovely memories.

2) Is Darjeeling good for honeymoon?
Yes! It is an ideal honeymoon destination with many sightseeings, viewpoints, gardens, lakes, and cozy stays.

3) How many days are sufficient for Darjeeling?
It will take at least 6-7 days to completely cover all the honeymoon destinations in Darjeeling. Yet, we can provide a bunch of customized Darjeeling honeymoon packages based on your preferences. Talk to us!