How to Plan Gujarat Trip?

Trip to Gujarat

Published Date: December 27, 2022

Gujarat is one special Indian state that boasts of profound and multi-disciplines. It has a huge legacy in terms of pre- and post-independence eras, dynasties, empires, and colonialism. Historically, one of the gifted states in India as it is the birthplace of the two great freedom fighters namely Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabhbhai Patel.

Besides, the state is versatile in architecture, culture, industrial growth, literature, cuisines, tourism, agriculture, etc. It is the only state that houses most places of the Indus valley civilization. Now tell us, isn’t it an important holiday destination in India? Of course, yes!

Wondering how to plan Gujarat trip? We’ll help you!

Travel Plan For Gujarat in India

In terms of area, Gujarat is the fifth-largest state in the country. And it has the largest coastal line (nearly ~1600 kms). So, covering such a vast state with so many tourist places does require a proper plan. Here are some considerations for you when you plan a trip to Gujarat:

    • What places to visit
    • What activities or things to do
    • Which month to visit
    • How many days is sufficient to cover most places
    • With whom are you traveling

Thus, we have tried to gather some useful answers to these aforementioned questions.

Important Places to Visit in Gujarat

1. Ahmedabad
Apart from being a heritage city, it serves as an important economic hub for Gujarat state. Do visit Sabarmati ashram, Kankaria lake, Manek Chowk Rd, Vintage car museum, and Adalaj Stepwell.

2. Dwaraka
A place that holds ancient importance pertaining to Lord Krishna in Mahabharatha. The Dwaraka circuits multiple pilgrimage spots such as Vrindavan, Mathura, Puri, Gokul, Govardhan, Barsana, and Kurukshetra. Important temples include Shree Dwarkadhish Temple, Nageshvar Jyotirling, Rukshmani Temple Dwaraka, Krushna Mandir, and Tulamandir.

3. Rajkot
Located within the radius of the Saurashtra territory, it is the sixth cleanest place in the country. Places to visit in Rajkot include Jubilee Garden, Watson Museum, Rashtriya Shala, Lang Library, Rotary Dolls Museum, and Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium.

4. Rann of Kutch
As the word “Rann” (meaning desert) indicates, the place extends to 26,000 sq kms of the desert region. It is divided into two regions namely Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch. The three-month carnival called the “Rann Utsav festival” is remarkable.

5. Surat
Being the second cleanest city in the country, it houses a large business hub for diamonds and textiles in India. Do visit a couple of beaches, Ukai Dam, the Anglican Church, Chintamani Jain Temple, and Sarthana Nature Park.

6. Vadodara
Also called the Baroda, the city is famous for its prolific banyan trees. Top attractions here include Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sur Sagar Lake, Inorbit mall, EME temple, and ​​Sayaji Baug.

7. Bhuj
One of the best attractions in Gujarat! Never miss touring the Trimandir, The Bhuj house, Hamirsar Lake, Prag & Aina Mahal, Kutch Museum, Swaminarayan temple, Hill Garden, Sharadbaug Palace, Pannah Masjid, etc

8. Somnath
According to Hindu belief, this temple is considered to be the first one among the twelve shiva jyotirlingas. The main deity is called Lord Someshvara. The temple is renowned for its artwork.

Things to do in Gujarat

  • One-day trip to places like Vadodara, Patan Modhera, Lothal, Uthellya, Pavagadh, etc
  • Tour around Laxmi Villas palace, Champaner, Akshardham, Village camp, Saurashtra, Gandhi Ashram, etc
  • Darshan or pilgrimage visit: Somnath, Dwaraka, Jain temple, Ahmad Shah’s Mosque, Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, etc
  • Sightseeing in Gujarat: Kankaria lake, Sabarmati Ashram, Vintage car museum, Sayaji Baug garden, etc
  • Unique things to do:
    • Tuk Tuk ride
    • Rann Utsav
    • Statue of Unity walk tour
    • Sunrise and sunset at Mandhavi

Best Time to Visit Gujarat
Summers (April to May) are much hotter, sunny, and dry. Thus, winter (November to February) is the best season to plan your holiday in Gujarat. Since winter is the peak season, you gotta be prepared for the lavishness.

However, visiting Gujarat between July and September (probably the off-season) is cheaper and a great choice for budgeted trips.

Number of Days Required for a Gujarat Trip
Starting from 3 days to 10 days, you can spend your valuable time in Gujarat. However, based on your availability, convenience, and budget, we can customize the Gujarat itinerary for 7 days!

Types of Trip to Gujarat
From cultural tours to family tours to business tours, you can plan any kind of trip to Gujarat. And we’re sure the state will entice you.

In fact, if you’re a couple that loves history, heritage, and mythology, then you have to plan your honeymoon to none other than Gujarat. You’ll enjoy it the most like anybody else!

We hope this article might have answered your questions regarding how to plan Gujarat trip, what places to visit in Gujarat, and which is the best month to plan for a trip!

Happy touring!!