Best Time of the Year to Visit Phuket Thailand

Best Time to Visit Phuket

Published Date: February 3, 2023

Being the largest island in Thailand, it has numerous exotic beaches. If you’re looking for an island vacation, then it is one of the great choices. Apart from white sand beaches, it also has many more to discover. From viewpoints to nightlife hotspots to admirable architecture, it has popular attractions. The weather in Phuket is absolutely tropical and soothing. So irrespective of whether you go with your friends, family, or life partner, you can enjoy the most of it!

Also, if you’re a person that likes to explore cuisines and water sports, then this place is for you! Yes, you have fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, ziplining, quad-riding, and canoeing.

When it comes to the best time of year to travel to Phuket, it is quite bewildering. Because we have so much to cherish in Phuket throughout the year. However, here are our best time suggestions based on,

  • Season
  • Budget
  • Preferences

Best Time to Visit Phuket Based on the Seasons

Phuket experiences three main seasons throughout the year. The first and foremost season that every visitor like is the coolest season. It occurs between November and February. As people flock together in this season, it is called the peak season. In this season, the climate is chilling and the temperature ranges between 23 – 31℉. The reason why people like this season is that the water currents are almost calm. And are suitable to relish the fantastic beaches and water games.

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The second most liked season is the monsoon season. It occurs between June and October. We cannot call it the rainy season because you cannot see proper rainfall in any place in Phuket. It is all in bits and pieces. However, if you like to travel and explore places by sightseeing despite the rain, then you can choose this season.

Phuket has another warm and hot season (March to May). We would say it is the worst season to visit Phuket. You only have scorching sun and polluted places (the season after the peak tourist season). The daily temperature averages at least 40℉. And April turns out to be the hottest month in Phuket.


Season Months Temperature Range Crowds in Phuket
Coolest  Nov-Feb 27℉ or lesser


Monsoon  June-Oct 28 or 29℉


Mar-May 30℉ and above


Best Time to Visit Phuket Based on the Budget

As most tourists visit Phuket in its peak season i.e. November to February, the prices for stay and food are most expensive. An unimaginable crowd lands in the city thus creating huge demand. 

Thus, if you’re planning a budgeted trip to Phuket, you must choose the monsoon season. In the monsoon season, you can enjoy the rain, Phuket sightseeing, and other timely festivals. Apart from these, you can either relax at the beaches or go for water sports. People call it the low season (fewer tourist footfalls). So, you can enjoy amazing discounts or deals for staying and dining this season.

Festivals in this wet season: International yacht race, Raceweek, and Grand retailer sale

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Best Time to Visit Phuket Based on the Preferences

Preferences change from one person to other. Hence, here we have listed a few preferences and their suitable and best time of year to go to Phuket.

Preferences Best Month to Visit Phuket
Looking for a low crowd or a solitary traveler June-Oct or March-May 
Loves rain  July-November
Avoids rain 1st option: Nov-Feb
2nd option: Mar-May
Water enthusiasts Nov-Feb
Loves festivals and shopping June-Oct


Be it any season, Phuket travelers need to closely watch one thing – the warning signs. It tells about the water currents and safety factors. 

Tourist Attractions in Phuket

  • The tall Buddha statue 
  • Chinese shrines
  • Elephant safari
  • The James Bond island

The two things you cannot miss in Phuket are:

  • Binge-shopping during the grand sale
    (nearly fifteen thousand retailers participate and give discounts of up to 80%)
  • Taste the mouth-watering Thailand cuisine

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