Which is better: Phuket or Krabi?

Phuket and Krabi tour

Published Date: October 11, 2023

As rightly called by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the country is truly amazing! The kingdom of Thailand attracts a variety of tourists for a variety of reasons—gastronomy, medical needs, sports, exploring culture, etc. Before the pandemic in 2020, the country welcomed tourists in the range of 35–40 million. But, after the pandemic, the numbers have gone down to 10–12 million people in 2022.

Though the capital city, “Bangkok,” had always been the favorite spot in Thailand, tourists never wanted to miss Phuket or Krabi. These two places are phenomenal and are famous for their unique specialty attractions. In this blog, you will learn what makes these two places special for tourists.

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Phuket province, located in the southern part of the country, has more than thirty islands, including “Phuket,” the largest island. It has a tropical monsoon climate. This has made the winter a dry season and the remaining months a wet season.

  • Places to visit near Phuket

Phuket has a “Big Buddha” statue that is ~145 meters tall. You can visit the old Phuket (Thalang) and the Thalang National Museum. Of course, the beaches of Phuket are a must-visit spot. Freedom Beach and Hat Karon are Phuket’s most beautiful and alluring beaches. From Phuket, you can en route to the famous Phi Phi islands too.

  • Why is Phuket better than Krabi?

Phuket is mostly mountainous. On the other hand, Krabi is mostly covered by mangrove forests. Those tourists who love mountains, trekking, basecamps, etc. can choose Phuket without a second thought. Phuket, in Thailand, has an international airport, whereas Krabi has only a domestic airport. As mentioned earlier, Phuket province has the largest island in the country. The hotels in Phuket are quite expensive, so they are perfect for people who want to lavishly spend on their holiday.

  • How do you reach Phuket?

One way to reach Phuket is to travel to Bangkok and then take a domestic flight to Phuket. The other way is to take a European flight that directly lands at Phuket’s international airport.

  • The best time to visit Phuket

Though the rainfall is not as heavy as in Krabi, it is better to visit Phuket between November and March. Traveling around Phuket in these months can be pleasant and enticing.

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When compared to Phuket, Krabi has a larger area (~4708 sq km). This vast area houses around eighty small islands. Krabi province, situated on the southwest coast of Thailand, experiences tropical monsoon climates like Phuket. But comparatively, you can expect more rain in Krabi. It is famous for its beaches and national parks.

  • Places to visit near Krabi

You cannot miss the renowned emerald pool in Krabi. One cannot leave Krabi without admiring the beauty of the limestone cliffs. Apart from these, this place is famous for its watersports and adventurous activities. You can enjoy island-hopping, snorkeling, kayaking, and jungle trekking.

  • Why is Krabi better than Phuket?

Krabi houses a lot of small islands, and you can enjoy the privacy that every island offers there. Thus, this tourist spot is better than Phuket for honeymoon-planning couples. This is the perfect way to relax during your holiday without getting stuck in traffic or confined amid taller buildings, like in Phuket. Krabi is more of a natural place with pristine beaches and romantic dine-ins. The significant difference between Krabi and Phuket is that the former offers a naturalistic environment for tourists to cherish their vacation.

  • How do you reach Krabi?

You have to reach Bangkok first, then take a domestic flight to Krabi. No international flights can take you to Krabi, as it is a domestic airport.

From Phuket to Krabi, there are no direct flights. So either take a road trip or proceed with a ferry transfer.

  • The best time to visit Krabi

Winter and spring would be perfect for visiting this place, as the rainfall is low or moderate when compared to the remaining months that have heavy rainfall.

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Which is better Phuket or Krabi?

For malls and city-setting: Phuket
For luxury tourists: Phuket
For budgeted tourists: Krabi
For honeymoon: Both Phuket and Krabi
For local handicrafts shopping: Krabi
For club and cosmopolitan setting: Phuket
For zipline and skiing activities: Phuket
For friends or family trips: Krabi
For nightlife: Both Phuket and Krabi
For beach bars and parties: Krabi
For peaks and panoramic views: Phuket
For kids who love wildlife: Krabi

Phuket vs Krabi: Conclusion

Indeed, both Phuket and Krabi are the best tourist destinations in Thailand. They are unique in terms of budget, attractions, food, etc. So, wisely pick your choice when planning your holiday to “Amazing Thailand.”