How Much Does a Trip to Thailand from India Cost?

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Published Date: September 30, 2021

Thailand by far remains one of the most popular tourist destinations to Indians from all over.  Clear blue beaches, exotic honeymoon, parks, high-adrenaline sporting activities, mega shopping malls, street shops and nightlight life…Thailand never fails to impress tourists. Air travel to the Thai Kingdom remains the most popular transportation mode.


Is a trip to Thailand expensive?
If you can make a quick comparison of the costs involved in travelling to Thailand compared to other regions in Southeast Asia, you’ll find it to be slightly expensive. However, these shouldn’t pose any problem either unless or otherwise you’re on a really tight budget. Even so, you can bring things under control based upon your budget.

Truth be told, Thailand, formerly Siam, welcomes tourists, including Indians, with different budgets. Accommodation costs fall within the bracket of 17 USD to about 1100 USD (payment can also be made in Baht). Dining costs can be somewhere between 5-7 USD to 80 USD. There are a range of activities that you can enjoy which means you need to allocate a certain budget. To put things in a nutshell, you need to shell out 55 USD (INR 4,000) budget per day, including flight charges, dining, accommodation and other travel essentials, while you’re in the ‘land of white elephants’. However, if this is beyond your spending, you can do away with local flights and choose road and rail transport instead. You can sacrifice a few things such as dining at restaurants, and still be able to get on with 30 USD (INR 2,200) per day.

Compare the neighbouring countries of Thailand, including Vietnam and Cambodia, the daily travel budget will be around 40 USD (INR 2,950) and 35 USD (INR 2,600) respectively, assuming you aren’t a reckless spendthrift.


How much does air travel from India to Thailand costs?
There are many non-stop flights flying from the Indian cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to Bangkok, typically with varying prices depending upon the peak seasons and the ratio between the demand and offer, though air fares tend to remain pretty much the same all throughout the year. Other factors that are worth considering include the airline, the departure time and when you intend to do the advanced booking. The cost of the tourist visa is liable to change.


Accommodation costs
The accommodation costs too vary greatly from one region to another in Thailand. For example, a budget room with basic amenities may prove less expensive in a few regions compared to most other regions in the country. Basically, accommodation and the related costs can be broadly classified into low-cost hotels and hostels, mid-range hotels and deluxe/luxury options depending upon how much you can afford.


Local Transport
Local transportation modes in Thailand, including air, sea, river and road network are affordable compared to its neighbours. There are many regions that require a combination of one or two modes of transportation, which still wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can use public transportation to travel to most regions in the country, and there are some places that require ferry services, and therefore the transportation charges may vary accordingly.

Food in Thailand, as in any other Asian country, is an attractive factor. The dining experience in the country may account for higher costs. Because there is an array of cuisine styles in different regions, costs may fluctuate whether you opt for a western style menu or local variety mostly made of fresh ingredients.

Budget range: 400 INR – 3,000 INR per day


Places to visit in Thailand
Thailand has a lot of travel attractions in Bangkok, the enterprising capital city, such as the Grand (Royal) Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Suthat, Wat Pho, Floating Markets and Doi Suthep Temple and Chiang Rai in Chiang Mai and other places including Ayuthaya Historical Park, Sukhothai Historical Park, River Kwai Bridge and Burma to Thailand Railway, Phi Phi Islands, and attractions including Bangkok Food Tour, Samui Boat Charter, etc. Accessibility to different touring destinations in Thailand may involve various costs that are mentioned above.  Do check with your travel operator to know Thailand tour packages, and the cost estimates to destinations that you’re planning to visit once you’re in Thailand.



If you wish to travel to Thailand, first plan your travel destinations, local transportation modes, food and accommodation costs, among others. Basically, deciding the budget—upper and lower range. If you want to slash down the travel costs when travelling from India to Thailand, plan your trip during the months between November and April, typically when the season is dry. If you aren’t bothered about unstable weather and the rising mercury levels, you can bring down the overall costs by opting to travel to Thailand during the hot and humid summers and early autumn season, providing you decide on things to do in Thailand.